Friday, July 31, 2009


Lipstick as we know is fashion. A vibrantly dyed lip was worth paying any quantity of gold and employing any thing, enjoyable to make a brightly colored lip The inventor of the first compact cosmetic, Abulcasis, is renowned for many more. Abulcasis, the founder of modern surgery is a well known physician, chemist, scientist and cosmetologist. Abulcasis’s works, written in Latin, were the primary resource of information for doctors. The fact that there is a whole division dedicated to make-up in the nineteenth volume indicates the significance of make-up from the beginnings of the cultured world.Perhaps many people think using the best lip stick is simply about looking desirable to fulfill a survival instinct; women use lip stick as a way of raising self-image. It’s interesting to note the little known fact that lipstick sales really rise while in a financial crisis.Savvy family economists know the confidence boost attained is a good return on the money spent. It is a tiny treat multiple women will allow themselves even in the worst times.
A fast count shows more than 65 major brands offering a wide array of lip products. The attractive lip look made by applying lip liner with lipstick has caused make-up companies to change the way they made lip liners. The use of oils for gleam and herb and spice odors copies the characteristics most enjoyed by gloss users.The ingredients have improved a lot from bugs and crushed coffee beans but that doesn’t matter to wearers. Few care what their preferred lipstick is made of. It has forever been the looks that matter.

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