Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The pencil skirt is regarded as a classic fashion piece, and a western woman's wardrobe staple either on its own. Since it accentuates body shape, it is often regarded as particularly suitable for slim women. Its narrow shape can restrict movement, so pencil skirts often feature a slit, usually at the back, but sometimes instead a back pleat which is considered more modest.A well thought out wardrobe is the key to being a fashion assassin on a budget. As the season approaches, splurge on three or four iconic fashion magazines such as Vogue.In Europe and America, skirts are worn by females of all ages as an alternative to Trousers, jeans. Outside the U.S., however, higher-status professional women like judges, cabinet ministers, physicians, corporate executives etc. generally avoid wearing trousers in public because skirts always keep comfortable and looking feminine too. working women always select A skirt in matching and any color combination with a blazer, Shirt & suit that only choice of formal office wear , that’s a Corporate & Organized fashion.

If you have a cocktail by night, a fancy dinner or a night out with a group of friends, you can wear a sexy short along with your skirt, leave your blazer at the car and bring your over sized clutch and spike heel . The secret to wearing the classic skirts, but different outfits from day to night is in the combination used for your items. Mix your top with skirt, wear different accessories according to the activity, for your outfit to appear a different one. Also, try combining different purses with your shoes. Imagination is the foundation to your success.

The color scheme can change according to your preference, but black and white is still the favorite among women. Wear colors for work but then bring out your sexier side with black and white tones for your evening wear. our makeup can also convert from being convenient for day to sexy and outgoing for night and your fragrance is as important as your whole look; it complements who you are, for day, try using floral scents while at night use a stronger perfume to emphasize your sensual femininity.

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